VOTE! 2020 Democratic Primary

Please vote in the Democratic Primary!

Friends, I do have a Democratic Primary opponent, and I am asking for your vote if you care about having a judge who rules fairly, who works hard and runs an efficient court, and who is actively looking for ways to make the system fairer, such as by improving our jury participation and by helping those who have financial difficulty secure representation.

Nothing matters more when you go to court than a judge who listens to both sides, knows the law, and rules fairly. I am fully committed to the process of justice, and putting fairness first.


You may vote early in the Democratic Primary from February 18 to 28, 2020, using any Early Voting Center.

Election Day is Tuesday, March 3, 2020, and you may use Election Day Voting Centers.


I am counting on your support so that the 162nd continues to be served by a committed, experienced and fair-minded judge.


Hon. Maricela Moore

Presiding Judge, 162nd Civil District Court